Quick and easy ideas to keep your kids entertained this holiday

Quick and easy ideas to keep your kids entertained this holiday

The summer holidays are closer than I’d like to admit and I for one am pretty nervous. 6 weeks of having a toddler at home with a baby is no joke and so I’m starting to come up with plans well in advance so that they both stay entertained and I stay mildly sane.

Unlike the rest of my family, I didn’t inherit the creative teacher gene but that also means that these ideas are quick, easy and don’t require much creative flair. Plus, a lot of them are super affordable – double yay! Here’s my top pick of great, easy holiday fun ideas:

1. Water: no mater the age, most kids love Fill up a bucket with water, plonk in some of their bath toys and watch their faces light up!

2. Mud pies: not only is this great fun for toddlers, but it’s an amazing sensory activity too. If you’re feeling particularly generous, bring out some of your baking accessories that you don’t mind getting a bit messy (nothing a good wash won’t sort out) and let your little ones create incredible cakes and “delicious” biscuits.

3. Potato stamping: kill two birds with one stone with this activity, you’re welcome. Cut a potato in half and then carve a shape onto it. Pop some paint on it and then let your kids go wild stamping to their hearts content. I would suggest that you get a big roll of brown paper and let them go nuts. Once it’s dry, you can use it to wrap up your Christmas presents and it will have that sentimental factor because your kiddos made it.

4. Nature treasure hunt: draw up a list of items that your child must find (smooth stone, feather, pink flower, etc) either in words if they can read or in pictures if they’re younger. Then either in your garden, or your local park, go on a treasure hunt to find everything on the list. My toddler loves doing this and keeps her treasures for days and days. Sometimes she even makes little fairy house from it all. This activity is a serious winner in our home.


5. Start a veggie patch: you don’t need a lot to get this going, you can even just do one or two pots. It’s such a great experience for kids and long term they learn how to be responsible and care for something.

6. Cupcake decorating: whip up some simple cupcakes and different colour icing the night before and then the next morning, you and your kiddies can create the most wonderful designs with all sorts of toppings and colours of icing. And of course, the best part is stuffing your face afterwards.

6 ideas for 6 weeks and you could probably even repeat most of these a few times which is an absolute bonus as well!

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Sure the school holidays are a bit daunting and they’re bound to come with a few (a lot) of tantrums and tears, but it’s also a great time to get out into nature or just spend some really good quality time with your little ones before the new year and new school term begins. But in the same breath, from one mom to another, don’t feel bad if you breathe a huge sigh of relief when they finally go to sleep at night.

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